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  • ბრენდი: Pioneer
  • სიხშირული დიაპაზონი: 32 Hz - 150 Hz
  • სერია: XY
  • სიხშირული დაყოფა: საბვუფერი
  • მაქსიმალური წნევა: 140 dB
  • კორპუსის მასალა: ხე
  • წინაღობა: 4 Ω
  • სიმძლავრე: 3200 ვატი


Weight: 93kg.

High-power subwoofer with two 18-inch, low-frequency driver.

Capable of reproducing deep bass as low as 32 Hz without distortion.

Strong pillars installed in the cabinet ensure rigidity against the most powerful bass.

Requires an active crossover to set the necessary frequency range (presets can be provided from Pioneer for combinations using the Pioneer XY-152 and XY-122).

NL4 INPUT and LINK OUT connections as standard.

Robust enclosure made from premium multi-laminate birch plywood.

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