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  • ბრენდი: Pioneer
  • სიხშირული დიაპაზონი: 55 Hz - 17 kHz
  • სერია: XY
  • სიხშირული დაყოფა: სამზოლიანი
  • მაქსიმალური წნევა: 139 dB
  • წინაღობა: 8 Ω
  • სიმძლავრე: 2400 ვატი


Weigth: 57.6 kg.

Power handling: LF:1200 W(RMS), 2400 W(Program)
MHF:200 W(RMS), 400 W(Program)

Max SPL: LF:133 dB(cont.)、139 dB(peak)
MHF:130 dB(cont.)、136 dB(peak)

Drivers: LF:12-inch neodymium cone driver x 2
MF:8-inch neodymium cone driver
HF:1-inch exit neodymium compression driver

In the XY-3B, an 8-inch cone driver delivers clean and precise mid-range frequencies using Pioneer Pro Audio’s X-Phase system. A 1-inch compression driver produces crystal-clear HF which, thanks to the moulded Bi-horn, seamlessly blends with the mids. Two 12-inch drivers create tight, chest-pumping low mid.

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