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iMIX 18

  • შემავალი არხები: 6 x universal XLR, 2 x stereo RCA in parallel to XLR
  • გამომავალი არხები: Balanced stereo XLR
  • ბრენდი: AMC
  • სიხშირული დიაპაზონი: 20 Hz - 22000 Hz
  • ფანტომური კვება: + 40V

iMIX18 it is the new AMC tool for professional installers. Simple, reasonable priced and good quality mixer preamplifier. Six balanced XLR, selectable gain, MIC/LINE inputs, two stereo RCA inputs in parallel to microphone XLR inputs. Phantom power is activated by external DIP switches on each universal XLR input. Priority input on/off selectable with DIP switch on first universal XLR input. Tone, balance and master control. Bi-color LED for signal indication and clip indication. Balanced XLR stereo output, ground lift and stereo/mono selection DIP switch. Ready for stereo mode. iMIX18 with built in preamplifier and mixer will be widely used in paging and background music applications.

44 mm × 483 mm × 205 mm
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