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  • წინაღობა: 100 Ω
  • სიხშირული დიაპაზონი: 30 Hz - 50000 Hz
  • ხმის აღების ტიპი: omni-directional, კარდიოიდი, figure-of-eight
  • მგრძნობელობა: 40 mV/Pa (-28 dBV)
  • ზომები: 27 x 136
  • წონა: 198 გრ.
  • გამოყენების ტიპი: ხელის
  • მაქსიმალური წნევა: 134 dB
  • ფანტომური კვება: 48 V +/- 4 V
  • ბრენდი: Sennheiser
  • კავშირი: სადენიანი

Color: Nickel

The remote adjustability and the variable pick-up patterns make the MKH 800 TWIN a universal main microphone, soloist microphone or supporting microphone.

The pick-up patterns can be set and optimised under monitoring conditions. In other words, it is not necessary to fix the pick-up patterns definitively before recording.

A wide range of mixes for stereo and surround are possible (including in parallel).

Saving of the microphone signals in two channels also allows an unlimited range of mixes to be realised at a later date.

The high sensitivity ensures interference-free signal paths as a result of high signal levels. The inherent noise of downstream microphone amplifiers is thus of minor importance.

Very low inherent noise prevents the masking of filigree sound structures. The depth of the acoustic can be heard more clearly too.

High linearity of the transducers minimises the signal distortions and ensures the transparency of the sound even at high sound levels.

The frequency response extends to 50 kHz, thus improving the resolution for complex acoustic details.

Stable pick-up patterns minimise sound distortion in the direct and diffuse field.

Negative acoustic effects caused by the housing and the sound inlet basket are minimised.

The small, slim design and the optionally dark housing design (Nextel) make it visually unobtrusive.

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