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Pioneer S-DJ50X

  • ბრენდი: Pioneer
  • სტატუსი: მარაგშია
  • კატეგორია: სტუდიური მონიტორი


The S-DJ Series of active reference speakers is designed to give professional DJs and producers accurate neutral sound and excellent flexibility. Whether you are DJing, producing music or auditioning tracks, the S-DJs faithfully reproduce the original source – while a built-in linear EQ lets you fine-tune the frequencies as needed. The S-DJ50X active reference speaker is sold as a single speaker.

Maximum Sound Pressure

107 dB

HF Level Adjust

-2 dB/ -1 dB/ 0 dB/ +1 dB

Amplifier Output

  • Class A/B Bi-amp: 80 W

  • HF: 26 W (15 W)

  • LF: 54 W (30 W)

Frequency Range

50 - 20000 Hz


10 kΩ


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